Noor Capital PSC is a private joint stock company authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates to conduct Banking, Financial Investment and Consultancy as well as Financial and Monetary Intermediary Business. Noor Capital PSC is also registered with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development with paid-up capital of US$100 million.

Corporate Statement

Noor Capital offers a broad array of investment capabilities across geographies, capitalization and styles. Our ongoing product development is currently focused on the separation of alpha and beta and the consistent delivery of alpha. When unique needs arise, our customized client-service approach fosters collaboration with our clients. Creating a financial strategy that reflects your personality and fits into your immediate and future plans is our primary goal. Our approach is built around your life’s priorities – even as they change over the years.


Our mission is to put integrity and quality of service to the forefront of our business and to deliver superior, personal customer support to clients and partners. Our relationship with our clients has shown and proven that our success is part of their success and achievement.


Our vision is to provide an exceptional investment environment in the financial industry, as we offer the highest quality services to investors from all around the world. We also strive to become and remain a leading financial investment company by providing highest quality services to investors from all around the world.


Noor Capital was built to listen to clients articulate their needs, goals and priorities. Then we partner with them to develop holistic wealth and investment management strategies. Clients seek customized and holistic solutions. Based on our clients’ unique needs, we tailor solutions across a broad spectrum of offerings – from portfolio design to asset allocation and advisory solutions.

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